What do you want and need to know? It can be a question as simple as
“what should I do about my relationship?” or as complex as “is my relationship the best fit for a lifetime commitment?”.
Your question can be about work, a job, a person, a pet, living or departed loved ones, friends and family. Your question can be about your direction and purpose in life. Your question can be philosophical, or spiritual in essence. You can ask anything, and the I Ching will answer, and I will explain the levels of meaning and map out the answer for you, and you will be amazed at what comes up.
An important point to ponder: before asking a question, try to formulate the question as clearly as possible in your mind’s eye. It is also not necessary to have a particular question – in either case, before beginning it is advised to still your mind and open your heart and eyes.
A half-hour reading will uncover one question, although depending on the hexagrams divined, may be more. In an hour-long reading we can uncover more depth and/or more than one question. If you are unsure about how much time you need, or the cost, contact me with your question and I’ll give you an idea. Most of the time, a half-hour phone reading is a good start, and if it ends up taking more time, for your first reading extra time will be discounted or granted accordingly. If you would prefer a written report instead of a phone call, select “Add a Written Report” alone.

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If you have any questions in general or before beginning, please email

I look forward to your reading, thank you. I will always respond as soon as I can after receiving a request, so we can set up an appointed time for your reading at your earliest convenience.