The I Ching and Beauty

Beauty is the word I choose with which to characterize the symbols, writings, symmetry and process of exploring the I Ching and the oracle. There are multi-layers of connectivity, in a matrix whose conductive paths range through points from poetry to science and beyond. One finds an art in the process, the way the movement of chess pieces is beautiful, the way Einstein’s theory is beautiful, the way a poem by Basho is beautiful. But there is an even deeper place of universal precision. I used to think of it as specified “cause and effect”, while at vibratory level, it is more akin to “interchange”. Though I’m an historically avid reader of I Ching, it continues to unfold an ever-widening perspective, new facets are revealed, the volume increases, the curve reaches higher — I continue my learning, and though I don’t have a doctoral degree, what would be called an ICMD (in case there ever is such a thing), discovery is beautiful too. When I say beautiful, I mean to say it evokes something sacred or heartfelt, inspires and perhaps even awes. The shape, movement, and other qualities bring something fundamental forward that resonates on a profound level.

Preponderance of the Small, Contemplation — Painting by Katherine Bloom

Preponderance of the Small, Contemplation — Painting by Katherine Bloom


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