photo “I’ve been reading and studying the I Ching since I was fourteen years old. While visiting a local bookstore on a fateful day after school, I was led to pick up a box of “I Ching Cards”, which I bought with my earnings from working at a donut shop, and became instantly enthralled. I began a search, which led me to the various books and translations of the I Ching, as well as to books by contemporary authors who have written extensively about it, such as Joseph Murphy, in his book “The Secrets of the I Ching”. I have studied historic and archaic writings on the subject, and presented a research project on the I Ching with illustrations as a student (SMFA Boston/Tufts “Asian Arts & Ideas” with Joan LeBold Cohen) and I continue researching to this day. Besides being an artist and composer, I have been giving I Ching readings, and refining my knowledge and understanding of the I Ching for over 40 years.” — Katherine Bloom


You can ask any question, and you do not need to reveal the question if preferred. There is no question you can not ask. However I often find that people do not really know what they want to ask or how to ask. For that situation, an Oracle can be divined to clarify the intention, to help you “hear” yourself, and lead on to a deeper or related question or idea. If you already know your question, it is still a good idea to spend some time in meditating upon what you want to know. As soon as you feel ready, we can start.



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