Creating Reality

In every moment there is something inside of us which resonates with greater truth. And there is no moment better than right now. The simple curiosity and innocence of childhood is within our experience and can refresh the psyche and increase vitality.  There is a give and take in this universe, we are not alone, all things are connected. Experience is influenced by choice but is created after all from universal energy. Our minds, hearts, beings are made of the same substance as the stars.

I Ching opens up a window into that space of synchronicity. I notice often that the vibratory level of the question is raised through the answer. Thereafter one develops a knack for asking the right questions, because if one doesn’t, the Oracle will indicate something deeper that needs answering. A reading like that tends to be challenging because at first the expectation is limited to the content of the question. It may take conscious effort to connect to the truth of the message.

The greater truth is available as an avenue for growth, relaxation, grounding, expansion. Knowing where you are on your path through life on this planet is a gift, a jewel. Early on in my explorations of the I Ching I recognized the synchronicity of questions and Oracle’s answers, the process places one’s intention into high gear, so it’s good to be clear on what one’s intention truly is.


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