What is the I Ching?

The I Ching is a cherished book of ancient Chinese wisdom, which serves as an oracle that can enlighten us with understanding and guidance on our journey through life. The I Ching has also been a source of inspiration throughout the ages for the contemplation of spiritual and universal energies, and for scientific and philosophical debate.

The I Ching originated more than 2500 years ago. Beginning as an oral tradition and evolving toward collected works written by sages, mediums, diviners and visionaries – it has been part of history for millenniums. I Ching divinination has helped world leaders with questions of government, laws, rules, kingdoms, and people of all types to penetrate the deeper meaning of life on earth.

Today, I Ching guidance includes practical matters, such as issues concerning business, relationships, and family, as well as physical and emotional dimensions. One can ask: “Am I acting in accord with the best interests for all involved?” “Is there something I should know or understand better so that I can accomplish my goal ?” – “What kind of dynamics does my relationship have, need, or lack?” “Should I marry Freddy?” The question can be anything, the answer will be complex or simple – no matter what, you will receive an answer.

How FAQ’s find their answers:

  1. Clarity on issues affecting your life, help in understanding the foundation of the effects you create, and suggestions on how to cope for best results
  2. Insights into the dynamics of your relationships and how your choice of action and attitude can influence and improve them
  3. Guidance in the direction of achieving your goals, and clues on the best actions needed to fulfill them and avoid pitfalls
  4. Practical methods and ideas for overcoming problems that will integrate with any lifestyle and spiritual practice
  5. Answers to questions about life, health, family, career, social systems, experiences and attitudes
  6. Help in dealing with any troubling situation
  7. Inner vision on your authentic being, and testimony on your accomplishments from a wider universal perspective
  8. Cues that reveal the deeper roots of where you are planted

To learn more about how to cast an oracle, click here

To learn more about the documented origins of the I Ching, click here and here


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