How to Receive a Reading

Read through and select a reading that works best for you.

An important point to ponder: before asking a question, try to formulate the question as clearly as possible in your mind’s eye. It is also not necessary to have a particular question – in either case, before beginning it is advised to still your mind and open your heart and eyes.

  Your Reading Options:

Reading By Phone
     Half-hour – Reading and telephone consultation.

     One Hour – Reading and telephone consultation.

•  One hour by phone or in person,
     Reading with written report via email.

•  In Depth Reading
     Up to 4 questions, up to 3 hours.
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•  Email Readings
     Written report only –
     $24 per question.

You can pay with PayPal/Credit Card using the buttons listed.

If you have any questions in general or before beginning, or would like to send a check or money order, please email

I look forward to your reading, thank you. I usually will respond in a very short time to begin our sessions, sometimes within minutes, sometimes in a few hours, never any longer than 8 hours.