I Ching Teachings

Heaven is high, the earth is low; thus the Creative and the Receptive are determined.

In correspondence with this difference between low and high, inferior and superior places are established.

Movement and rest have their definite laws; according to these firm and yielding lines are differentiated.

Events follow definite trends, each according to its nature.

Things are distinguished from one another in definite classes.

In this way good fortune and misfortune come about .

In the heavens phenomena take form; on earth shapes take form.

In this way change and transformation become manifest.

-Translation from The Great Treatise, Ta Chuan, by Richard Wilhelm
I will offer teachings to those who would like to learn the I Ching: The ways of interpreting, the background and structure, the history and the oracle. Please fill out the contact form to request private teaching and I will answer with more details.



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